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Firestick App is the best and top transformer of a place to a home media center. In this article, I will further introduce you to several more Firestick apps that will be useful to you in future.

1.    Allcast

Allcast will help you to stream a range of content from your phone. That helps you to stream videos, photos, and music. That is a major application to cast content.

2.    Pandora

This application is one of the favorite Internet music apps around the world.

3.    Fire TV Remote

Fire TV Remote is a substitute for the physical remote control. Some of the features in this application is that you have an Android keyboard, a voice search, a playback monitoring and navigation with this app.

Several other add-ons support Firestick apps.

4.    Exodus

Exodus is the best video add-on, and this application provides a better user experience. This application has a better interface that easily helps our users to navigate through their favorite videos.

5.    Salts

Salts is a new add-on that keeps up with available HD content day to day.

6.    Phoenix

Phoenix has an updated list of content. This application is appealing to its users, especially to the female parties.

7.    PlayOn

This application offers access to all paid streaming service providers such as Hulu, Netflix and much more. All shows can be recorded onto the users HD in the MP4 format. These recorded formats can be taken when traveling at times where there is no Internet connection. At the moment, the focus of this application is only for US content.

8.    Navi-X

Navi-X generates access to playlists of content from the web. There is also an option to create your Playlists.

9.    Twitch

Twitch is another essential app that supports game streams.

10.    iPlayer

iPlayer enables users to watch shows streamed on BBC.

Hence these are some of the examples for Firestick apps that may come in handy for your use.


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